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  • Guide to Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture.

    1. Aluminium Frame The best material to be used as the frame is aluminium. Though it oxidizes with time, it doesn’t rust like iron and stays the strongest. Also, it's pretty lightweight to handle the furniture easily. Look for the aluminium frame, which at least has a 1.2 mm gauge. Another option is a steel. It is durable but rusts, so not as good as aluminium. 2. Type of Rattan Polypropylene OR Polyethylene Rattan An essential thing to mention is that many manufacturers use polypropylene rather than polyethylene rattan. Polypropylene is a cheap and less sturdy material. When recycled, it becomes weak. So, if used for weaving, furniture will be more liable to fall apart even with normal pressure. We suggest you use polyethylene (PE) rattan. 3. Cushion Fabric When your furniture is occasionally used and isn’t placed in direct sunlight, polyester is a good option as a fabric for cushions. Polyester is used as it is cheap but fades away in the sunlight very easily and quickly. It isn’t suitable for high UV areas. A better-quality fabric is OLEFIN. It is Water/Mildew resistant, Colour fast, Static free, durable and environmentally friendly Still, when not using, you should keep the fabric under some shade to prolong its life.

RTA Furniture specialists

We specialise in importing furniture in bulk container lots and sell it at factory direct prices. We pride ourselves on high quality products, honesty and excellent service. We have over 25 years of experience. We have 4 factories overseas supplying in large quantity to North America and Europe as well as Australia and us in NZ.

Our flat-packs and our customers' willingness to assemble products themselves enable us to reduce labour, shipping and storage costs. We design furniture so that it can be packed unassembled. Ultimately, this means that we are able to offer our customers products at low prices.

We are a NZ owned and operated company and located in Otahuhu, Auckland.